Benefits of Infant Massage

Currently, I am offering only the 4 day certification course, to become a Certified Educator of Infant Massage – CEIM.  Please contact me for upcoming trainings throughout the US.

About Infant Massage… Why might I want to become an educator to teach parents?

Benefits of Nurturing Touch:

baby foot being massagedOver the years, research has shown that nurturing touch has many benefits. These include (but are not limited to):

Stimulation: Necessary for overall healthy development of every system of the body, including brain development, language development, growth, and more.

Relaxation: Helps to relieve tension (especially after the introduction to a new world), improves sleep patterns (increasing infant’s ability to sleep restfully), improves ability of infant to calm themselves  (self-regulation), and decreases stress for baby and family.

Relief of Discomforts: With relaxation and support often comes a natural relief of typical discomforts related to dysregulation and  colic.

Nurturing and Bonding: Touch is critical to the bonding process. Touch assists in the communication process, and research indicates that it leads to a better established child, leading to positive benefits throughout the lifespan.

Special Needs: Nurturing touch allows a respectful approach for the child with special needs, including: adopted babies (to enhance bonding), substance abuse and drug exposed babies, babies born prematurely, HIV infected babies, those with developmental delays, neglected or abused infants, and depressed infants (and mothers).

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